Moullinex - "Carnival"

Video Clips

If there is living proof that night owls do not loose their thrill and passion for the dance floor, that proof is Rui Teixeira. Not only he is an old friend of Luis Clara Gomes (Moullinex) but also deeply involved in the creation of the label Discotexas. He's also been DJing for over 10 years, and never ceases to amaze both “on duty” and as a spectator.
Due to his unique spontaneity we invited him to a face-to-face rendezvous with his inner child, embodied by young Rodrigo Moreira Santos.
Vasco Alves lended his helping hand as a choreographer in synchronizing both dancers.
Bruno Ferreira was a natural choice to direct this video, as a continuity in our quest to find natural, innocent and unrestrained manifestations of dance.

Performed by Rui Teixeira & Rodrigo Moreira Santos
Directed by Bruno Ferreira
Coreography by Vasco Alves
Creative Supervision by GOD - The Creation Director
Director of Photography - Duarte Domingos
Executive Production - Alexandre Montenegro
Production Director - António Corrêa d'Almeida
Production Secretary - Filipa de Almeida
Chief of Production - Juliana Miranda
Assistant. Producers - Nuno Rito, Chico
1st Cameraman - Marcel Encarnação
2nd Cameraman - João Ferreira
Chief Electrician and Lighting - Mário Soares
Assistant Electrician - João Silva
Casting Director - Inês Mingote
Wardrobe - Sara Soares
Post Production - Mola
Editor - Bruno Moreira